Digital collectibles are the future of the brand-customer relationship.

Did you know it now costs brands 62% more to achieve the same results they did in previous years? The same old ecommerce playbook is losing its potency, in part due to changing norms around privacy on the internet. And the online shopping experience has gotten boring and predictable: the same web designs, email sequences, discounts, pop-ups, and giveaways are everywhere, making it harder for brands to stand out from the crowd. Moongrove is making it a no-brainer to add digital collectibles to your existing marketing channels. 

Digital collectibles (NFTs) simply signify ownership of something. To date, creating, buying, selling, and owning these collectibles has been pretty complicated. One-Click Loyalty NFTs are exactly what they sound like: a way to own a digital collectible with one click. 

What we’re building

Our platform empowers brands to stand out by offering digital collectibles to their customers with just one click. These NFTs can be simple commemorative artworks, VIP passes, or something else entirely. Brands can sell them or give them away for free. They're simple and accessed with one click, no crypto knowledge needed. This dead-simple web3 functionality cuts out the complexity around wallets, seed phrases, cryptocurrency, gas fees, KYC, and more to create excitingly unique experiences for ecommerce. 

With Moongrove, merchants can create NFTs with 0 technical expertise and distribute them with a simple URL. Put it in an email, an SMS campaign, behind a Shopify product page, on your Instagram, or DM it to anybody. In other words, we're the simplest and most flexible NFT solution for ecommerce.

Our founding team has successfully ran venture-backed businesses, built product from the ground up, and directly supported fellow business owners in the world of venture capital. Our team has a deep understanding of data and ecommerce, having worked with thousands of direct-to-consumer brands in the past. We are building an all-star team of technologists, creatives, and operators to help us collectively refine and fulfill our vision.

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