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Generating beautiful, branded creative assets is a constant need, and you never have enough of it. But it isn't easy to do reliably, quickly, and affordably. Hiring a designer or agency, coordinating a photoshoot, tinkering in Canva or Photoshop—it’s not ideal, so we fixed it.

Moongrove is a design platform that enables businesses and their design teams to rapidly accelerate content production time with artificial intelligence. By training unique AI imaging models on a brand's specific products, aesthetic, and guidelines, a designer can go from idea to hundreds of assets in minutes, spending less time toiling and more time being creative.

Meet our team

Ajay Sridhar


Carl Peaslee


Kyle Bellar


Prashant Fonseka


Thomas Franceschi

Software Engineer

Our team has a deep understanding of the creative production workflow, having previously built teams of hundreds of highly skilled graphic designers, animators, photo manipulators, and retouchers. An experienced team of operators and technologists, collectively, Moongrove's founders have delivered over 3 million creative assets, both visual and copy, to thousands of the world's leading brands.

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