Grow faster with a new kind of customer loyalty. Get started in minutes.

One-Click Digital Collectibles

Get more customers.
Keep them longer with loyalty NFTs.

One-Click Loyalty NFTs

Get more customers. Keep them longer.

Moongrove helps you grow 🤑

Give your customers real reasons to buy and engage, beyond discounts & flash sales

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Increase LTV & Engagement

Create incentives that grow in value based on how long someone has subscribed, or how much they spend with your brand.

Acquire New Customers Faster

Give away limited edition or rare collectibles (NFTs) to create urgency from customers. Scarcity leads to FOMO leads to action.

Get Set Up Quickly

Create a collection in minutes and send it to your customers with a URL. Put it in an email, SMS, or on social. No crypto wallet needed.

NFTs don’t need to be complicated 😖
For you, or your customers

The Power of Loyalty NFTs

Give people real reasons to subscribe & engage, beyond discounts and flash sales.

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  • Assign benefits that grow in value based on a customer’s subscription tenure or how much they spend with your brand. Reduce churn and incentivize upsells along the way.

    Increase LTV & Engagement:
  • NFTs are transferable: when a subscriber does want to cancel, they’re incentivized to sell their NFT to a new customer for you. That’s free acquisition.

    Replace Churned Customers:
  • Easily create and deploy collections in minutes. Customers claim NFTs by clicking a link from familiar channels like email, SMS, or social. No crypto wallet needed.

    Get Set Up Fast:

NFTs don’t need to be complicated - for you, or your customers.

The Moongrove team has experience working with thousands of brands:

It's all about the benefits

Reward your customers in new and exciting ways with Loyalty NFTs that confer unique benefits

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  • Discounts, freebies, credits, points, cross-site discounts, bundle deals, and more.

  • Real world and online events, early access to new product drops or collabs, and other community building experiences.


How it works (it's simple)

Easily create collections

Configure and launch an NFT collection from start to finish in minutes. Make it custom, or use our simple templates for everything.

Customize collection benefits

Use incentives to keep your customers longer. You decide what rewards your customers get when they claim your NFTs.

Use our animated 3D templates, or upload your own artwork

Drag and drop your brand assets and Moongrove creates beautiful interactive 3D art instantly.

Generate a link to distribute your collection anywhere

Paste it in an email, an IG story, on your website, in a text message, or anywhere else you want customers to claim your collectible.

Once your customers click the link, they’ll reveal their NFT through an animated experience

Plug into the ecommerce and web3 stack you know and love:

Get Started

Just a few simple use cases

Here are a few ways you can use NFTs for your brand

Create limited NFTs that grant access to an exclusive loyalty tier, drop a link in an email or SMS campaign, and watch your customers act fast ⚡

Create engaging experiences that go beyond simple loyalty point redemptions to get your customers to buy again and become brand evangelists 🙏

NFT collections created on Moongrove can also be claimed with a QR code. Display it at an activation or event, or put it on your packaging to bring your IRL traffic online 💯

Easily adopt a new way to talk to your customers—
right within your existing marketing channels