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The best of both creative worlds 🤖🎨

Computers are getting better at generating images. But humans are still the best. If you’re a designer or work with a design team, Moongrove lets you bring AI into the design workflow to deliver a high volume of creative faster.

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15+ hours per week

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Let AI do the 90% “work” so your team can focus on the 10% that matters

From a team that’s worked with thousands of designers to create over 3 million assets for brands like

Getting the most out of AI is hard. We make it easy.

Moongrove turns natural language into increasingly precise prompts so you get what you need when you need it.

Your brand’s own AI model

Using the latest diffusion models as a foundation, we train a unique machine learning model on your brand guide & assets. Then, it generates on-brand creatives in seconds. Think of it like a powerful creative machine made specifically for your brand.

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Creative Grows Revenue

And since iOS14.5, it’s more important than ever.


of online shoppers mainly rely on product images when making a purchase


of customers spend more money based on a brand’s visual identity

You can never have enough creative

Personalization and peformance requires a volume of creatives.

Moongrove makes it easy.

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Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
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Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
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Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Moongrove work?

Moongrove takes your existing brand assets—professional photoshoot assets, lifestyle images, and even iPhone pics of your product—and trains a unique artificial intelligence model to understand them. Then, the AI can place your product in any environment you can imagine, to highly realistic effect. If you want your product on a Hawaiian beach at sunset, in a Brazilian rainforest, or in a mid-century modern kitchen, it’s possible with Moongrove.

How long does it take for the AI to learn my brand?

Once we receive your brand assets and product photos, it typically takes less than an hour for our AI model to learn how your products look. The more assets you provide, the easier it is to learn.

How long does it take to generate my assets?

Right now, after you upload your brand assets, it typically takes three to five business days to receive your content. This is because we have a professional editor review and retouch the AI-generated content to ensure it’s 100% up to snuff (teamwork 🤖 🤝 🧑🎨).
As our models improve, this timeline will be a matter of minutes, not days.

Is there a long-term contract or commitment?

There is no long-term commitment. Plans are month-to-month, cancel anytime.

Am I free to use assets generated by Moongrove however I’d like?

As long as it’s legal, then yes. Assets generated for your brand by Moongrove fall under the public Creative Commons copyright license and are fair for both personal and commercial use in perpetuity.

Can my full team use Moongrove to generate a high volume of content?

Absolutely. Talk to us.